Grafton Campus

About Thrive Grafton

Our church was recently given a building in Grafton, ND.  It was previously a Thrifty White Pharmacy right in the middle of downtown Grafton.  We have been busy renovating it ever since and are excited to launch Thrive Community Church of Grafton on Sunday nights starting in mid-September!  We have been looking for an opportunity to begin a ministry in Grafton for quite a while and were so excited for this unexpected blessing of our own building to design for the unique ministry we will do!  There will be a coffee bar, children’s ministry spaces and more!  Stay tuned for pictures as work continues!

What’s Happening?

We are currently under construction!  Every other Saturday crews of volunteers have been heading up to Grafton to work on updating the building and creating beautiful spaces for the ministry we will be doing there!  The rooms and spaces are taking shape and we even discovered that under all that drop ceiling was beautiful wood that is over 100 years old.  We are currently working on plumbing, electrical and other infrastructure to ensure the building is ready to be well used.  If you’d like to volunteer to help with the construction or have questions, contact Cale at  

What Can I Do?

Nuts and Bolts 
If you would like to help us as we get ready to launch our campus in Grafton, there are many ways you can serve!  We are always looking for willing volunteers to come up to Grafton on Saturdays to help with the construction and preparation of the building, but we are also in need of additional funds for the electrical and plumbing we are currently working on.  If you would like to make a donation to our Thrive Grafton ministry, please click on the ‘GIVING’ tab and follow the steps.  It is never expected, but always appreciated. We are trusting God to continue providing for all our needs as we prepare the church