Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find electronic versions of brochures and other things that were given to me?

You can find electronic versions of paper documents handed out by visiting the Documents page.


Is my commitment confidential?  Can it be changed if necessary?

All giving to Thrive Community Church is completely confidential including giving to the Dream Big Campaign. Commitments can be changed if necessary, allowing you to either increase or decrease your commitment as needed. Your decision to change your commitment should be done only after much prayer.


Will I be billed monthly for my pledge?

No. We will be counting on you to meet your commitments in a timely manner. However, we highly recommend you automate your giving with a debit or credit card via our pledge form. Your gifts may also be given via the mail, the weekly offering, through our online giving portal or through donor advised funds. If giving via check, please be sure to designate your checks by writing Dream Big on the memo line.


What happens in the event that more or less than the outlined goals are committed?

If more than $500,000 is sacrificially given over the next three years, then this will allow us to expand the scope of our project and/or reduce the size of our building loan debt. This would be a wonderful problem to have! If less is given, then we may need to extend the campaign.


What is expected of me?

Ask questions and be informed. Most importantly, seek God. Take time to prayerfully consider what kind of sacrifice God is asking you to make. “Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice” best describes Thrive’s understanding of Biblical stewardship.


How do I get more information about the Dream Big Campaign?

Joe Chine is our Dream Big Campaign Director.  He can explain, in detail, everything you’d like to know.  You can email him at


Should I redirect my tithe or regular giving to the Dream Big Campaign?

No. Your giving commitment to the campaign should be above and beyond your regular giving.


How do I make my commitment the Campaign?

We have Commitment Cards at the church.  We also can mail one to you upon your request (call 701.757.1727)  Finally, below is the link should you want to give online.

Dream Big Giving