Campaign Start Date: November 24, 2019
Amount Pledged: $508,000
Duration: 3 Years
26 Month Total: $346,000

Hey Thrivers!  Pastor Mark here!  I want to say THANK YOU to those who have continued supporting our Dream Big Journey of Faith Campaign.  As most know, our church will be homeless in less than three short years when our lease is up.  Just two years ago we began a plan for relocation.  To date $346,000 has been given towards our goal of $508,000.  How AWESOME is that?  I am amazed that even during Covid, most of those folks who made commitments we able to continue with their faith pledge.

Our plan is to purchase an empty building here in Grand Forks and then do a considerable amount of the build-out ourselves.  Key elements include an INCREDIBLE area for youth and children’s ministry, a counseling center, Grow Group “living rooms”, a daycare, and a sanctuary that is spacious enough to hold the people we hope will flood through the doors to hear an UNCOMPRISED, UNWATERERD DOWN, Gospel message that Christ is the ONLY Way.

No guilt here!  If you haven’t been able to meet your commitment, please don’t beat yourself up.  Here is my suggestion: Just start small.  Take a step.  You have probably heard the old adage: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

If you are reading this and want to jump on board with our endeavor, email me at

Until the Nets are FULL!

Pastor Mark Hale

In November of 2020 we celebrated an amazing year of Dream Big while at the same time navigated the uncharted waters known as The Pandemic.  God has helped us to think outside the box as we seek to reach His people.  Below is a snapshot of Thrive’s ministry in 2020.