Our staff and Leadership Team are Big Dreamers! We have discussed many things we would love to see in our future church home.


It’s important to keep in mind that goal is not simply to acquire or build a new church home for Thrive – we want to reach more people for Christ. While we never want to presume on what God might choose to do, we do believe it’s safe to assume that this campaign will cause Thrive Community Church to experience substantial growth.

A church without a believable vision will rarely capture the imaginations of people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves. We pray that when people new to Thrive hear and understand the God-sized vision we are pursuing; the Spirit of God will move in their hearts to join in and partner with us.


Why Now?

Our tenancy in the current Grand Forks location expires in 2024.


Our rent has recently increased, and will remain at a higher level for the remaining time in the current building.


We believe that renting is not ultimately the most God-honoring stewardship of our financial resources for the long term.


The types of ministries we would like to offer in the future are not feasible in our current facility.


The south end of Grand Forks is experiencing a growth explosion, and we feel our ministry would meet many needs there.


Our church is growing and we are experiencing over-crowding in the children’s area.

Outcomes and Wins


We believe our new church home will enable the growth and impact of our ministries in the following ways:

We will be able to expand our Children’s Ministry by implementing interactive, dynamic teaching, move beyond managing classrooms, and offer multi-sensory capabilities.


Thrive will become a hub where we can better fulfill our Mission Statement of Know. Grow. Go.  We want to equip and recharge people with knowledge and love of the Lord, then send them out to reach others.


We will better be able to capture the heart of the community that God draws us towards.  We have a desire to effectively service the needs of others not only on Sunday, but throughout the week.  Part of our dream is to eventually offer spaces for consoling and expanding our reach through community service.


We hope to open a childcare center that ministers to dozens of children while their parents are working.  As a church geared towards reaching kids and families, this will help maximize our impact for God’s kingdom.